Your Kid Can be a Poet and Not Even Know it!

When it comes to inspiration, it seems that kids can find it anywhere. From outside in nature, to media to their friends and classmates, they can easily find something that will inspire them to do a new activity that they enjoy and can have fun doing.


While teaching different reading and literacy units, students tend to be very creative when it comes to poetry. When students are first starting to write and express themselves with words, it is important that we support their ideas and give them all the necessary help they may need. There are some great poetry resources that can be found online. Here are just a few of the helpful ones!

Rhyme Rodeo

This interactive site is great for practicing rhyming and placing words together. You have to choose words that will finish lines. Once it is complete, you can listen to the poem while you read along with it. You can choose the speed, the characters and the type of music that will be used with your poem. It is a fun way to practice rhyming words and reading all at once.

Magnetic Fridge Poetry

Just like the real word magnets that you can rearrange on a refrigerator to make different sentences, this website lets you do just that! You can upload a custom set of words or use the ones that are provided. This is ideal if you are working with a class on a specific set of words or vocabulary.

Haiku Builder

This site, from PBS Parents, is also an interactive resource. It lets you drag words to the lines and put as many as will be allowed in order to complete a proper haiku. You can practice placing words in the correct lines and using words to create great poetry!

Poetry Splatter

Kids can choose from different poem titles. Then, they can fill in the blanks from the words that are splattered across their screen! This is definitely a fun way to mix and match words and make poems come to life. It is a good opportunity to practice making poems and having fun with words!

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