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Parents often give assignments to their kids and have them imagine what it would be like to have dinner or spend the day with a famous historical figure. Virsona gives them the opportunity to do just that.


On this website, you can create a virtual character either of themselves or a literary character. Before interacting with the character, kids answer some questions about themselves or the character they are working with.

Using the tool, they can create automatic responses to such questions, greetings and even a personality type. The characters can be shared by link and through a chatting tool anyone can ask the character questions where the automatic responses will be used.

The built in famous historical, political and literary characters include some names like George Washington, Albert Einsten and Pocahontas. I tried the site out and had a little chat with Abraham Lincoln. He told me about the Civil War and many important and informative facts from the time period. This is a great tool to get kids thinking of questions and learning information that they can pick up from engaging in conversation.

Parents will find this tool especially useful when doing history lessons. What better way to learn about these figures than by actually engaging in conversation with them. It is a great way for them to learn about their lives, achievements and other facts.

The site is great because you can also create your own character. So whether you make up a new person to chat with, or have a conversation with one of the most famous scientists in the world, you’ll be sure to learn something new!

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