Wumpa’s World – Interactive Site for Kids!

Parents are always looking for fun and educational sites for their children to explore on the Internet. A site that is fun and educational is great for kids to visit in or out of school.

wumpa's world

Wumpa’s World is a fun, interactive site that is based on a former animated children’s television series. The site, which stars the show’s main character, Wumpa the Walrus, guides children through an Arctic adventure that is full of animals and characters.

The animals and characters on the site each offer a different activity for your children to be engaged in. You can paddle a kayak across the freezing waters or bundle up and build an igloo with the friendly characters. There are so many great games and lesson activities that are perfect for elementary children.

From matching games to painting activities, there are so many different activities that will engage your kids. The animated animals and snowmobiles will offer a fun and different way for children to travel through this site. You can create customized winter scenes and play with different graphics and games, all with a simple click of your mouse!

The best thing about this site is that it offers stories for children to listen to. Wumpa the Walrus becomes the narrator to stories about nature and legends. The stories are accompanied by interactive graphics and animations that follow along with the story. Children can gather around the computer in school or at home to listen to these engaging stories.

This site is sure to be a hit with your kids. With so many options to choose from, they will never be bored!

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