Writing to Kids…in the Future!

Kids are one of the most curious groups of people on this planet. It is that curiosity that allows them to learn and explore by asking questions. Oftentimes kids will ask their parents questions that they just may not know how to give an answer to. From questions like, where are we going on vacation this year? Who will be the President in ten years? Sometimes, it is better to let the kids form their own visions by using their creativity.


There are so many tools out there that you can use to get kids thinking and creating on a constant basis.

Future Me is a fun tool that lets kids write a letter to them in the future. This is a great activity to do at any point in your life, especially at a time when something extraordinary or remarkable has happened.

This activity is so simple yet so effective. You can send yourself positive words of encouragement, funny memories, or just an ordinary “hello”. I actually did something similar to this when I was in school. We wrote letters to ourselves five years into the future. It was a great look back on my life years ago. It was great to see what was going on with me, my life and where I thought I would be in the present day.

This is the same exact concept but using email and the 21st century technology. I think it is an awesome tool that almost anyone can use and keep memories for future dates.

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