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Writing can be a beautiful thing for many people. It can be a way to convey emotions, feelings and many other forms of expression. For children who are beginning to write, it can be challenging at times. It may take longer for some to get the flow of the process and really get into it. Thankfully, there are many sites on the Internet that can help kids in this process. Here are just a few of the great tools that are out there.


Writing Fun

This site is perfect for motivating children to write. Sometimes they need extra help when getting the whole process started. This interactive site has tons of downloads to save for off-line use. It shows commonly written texts, along with other examples, text structures, descriptions, responses and tons more! There is also text commonly written in schools with printable organizers and examples showing text structures, grammatical features and publishing ideas!

The Writing Site

This website is full of ideas on how to integrate technology into writing. You can explore how technology can be helpful in enhancing performance with writing. There are suggested posts for different grade levels and are separated into three groups: primary (K-2 grades), intermediate (3-5 grades), and secondary (6-12 grades).


For great prompt recommendations, this site has it all. Presenters, materials, lessons, prompts and more are all available here. There is even a featured section for the writers of the month and kids can submit their very own writings to share and inspire others.

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