Words, Shapes, and Math

At the Future of Educational Technology Conference that was held in Orlando in the middle of January, I came across a new technology product to help children to learn, practice, and reinforce their reading and math skills called Tiggly. Tiggly’s are manipulatives that children can use to interact with Apple and Android tablet devices for help with words, shapes, and math. There are three different sets of Tiggly’s including letters (vowels only), shapes, and math toys. Each set has several apps that work with the toys including a variety of themes like animals, underwater, doctor visits, and cooking. There is even a Sesame Street alphabet reading app. The age range of the toys is from 2-8 years old.

My daughter, who is 2 ½ year old, has been using the Tiggly shapes and absolutely loves it. The Tiggly Safari app starts out where the match the Tiggly shape to the shape on the screen in order to create animals that live within the specific habitat. Each level increases in difficulty with the recognition of the shapes by changing the orientation of the shape, the outline of the shape, or the necessity to “chase” the shape.

What are your favorite tablet manipulatives to help your children learn and practice educational concepts at home?

Photo by: spare parts

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