Where in the World Are You Learning From? – Twitter Places

Twitter has yet again added new features to its ever-changing site. With location based functionality of the tweets, another feature “Twitter Places” will add even more details to your everyday tweets. Users can now associate tweets with certain places, giving the place a Twitter page that is dedicated to them and making tweets more personal and meaningful.

twitter places To associate the tweets with a place, users can simply click on the “Add Your Location” link that is located below the tweet box on the top of the page. Rolling your mouse over a tweet that is associated with a location will also show users a map of that particular spot.

There are also searching features by location. Clicking on “tweets about this place” will show you a page for that location. You can view recent tweets that are related to that particular place.

This is a great way for places to make a name for themselves on Twitter and also for others to learn about what is happening in local or regional areas. Businesses and companies may find an advantage to using this service for marketing or promotional purposes, but I also think this can be applied towards schools and organizations, as well.

Parents and children can use this feature to discover what is happening in the areas around them, or even in areas that are halfway around the world! There are dozens of ideas that you can use to plan lessons or assignments using Twitter, and this feature only adds to the possibilities!

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