What’s the Word? – 3 Vocabulary Sites for Kids

Learning vocabulary terms in all areas of study is important to any child’s education. Vocabulary is often the foundation of any lesson. Once the terms a child is learning are recognized, they can use them to expand their minds. Instead of basic vocabulary lessons in the classroom, you can use these sources to incorporate technology, vocabulary and learning!

vocabahead VocabAhead – This site is full of quick and helpful vocabulary videos. With definitions and examples of how the word is used, this site makes learning vocabulary interactive. A Study Room contains over 1000 more difficult terms that have been rated the best by users. Practice quizzes and instant feedback help students correct their answers almost immediately. You can subscribe to get a daily vocabulary video to use in the classroom. Kids can also submit their own videos, showing how they have learned these terms and are using them in their everyday lives.

WeboWord – This is a great tool for kids who are more of a visual learner. This visual vocabulary tool offers pictures that go along with each term. These pictures are often what kids use to build images and stories in their minds that help them remember meanings. You will also find the definition, history, pronunciation and usage of each term. With crossword puzzles based on featured terms students can benefit from this nontraditional vocabulary lesson.

A Maths Dictionary for Kids – This site offers an online dictionary full of math terms. Along with the math terms, you will also find definitions and visual aides. With clear and understandable definitions, kids will be able to clearly grasp the concept of some of the math terms they are learning about in school. There are over 400 definitions that are complete with some type of interactive activity or game that make learning more fun. Whether your kids are working on a project, homework assignment or just doing extra math practice, this site will be sure to help with their studies.
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