What’s the Buzz | Story Elements | Second Grade

This is a story about what happens when Tammy and her mom go on a picnic.

What a nice day for a picnic,” said Tammy.

“There’s lots of food,” said Mom.

“Salad, chicken and pie! Yum!” said Tammy.

Tammy ate until her tummy was full.

“I like looking up at the sky!” said Tammy. Suddenly, a ladybug landed on her nose. Tammy and her mom laughed.

Then Tammy yawned. “All this food makes me sleepy,” she said. She closed her eyes and fell asleep on the blanket.

But a buzzing sound soon woke her up.

“Mom, my ear hurts!” Tammy cried. “It sounds like a plane in my ear.”

“A plane? We’ll stop by the clinic on the way home,” said Mom.

“What seems to be the problem?” asked the doctor.

“My ear hurts. And I can hear a sound,” said Tammy.

“Hmm…,” said the doctor. “Lie still while I to put some drops in your ear.”

“Oh, my!” said Tammy’s mom.

“Oh, wow!” laughed the doctor.

“What! What is it?” cried Tammy.

The doctor held up his finger. It was a tiny ladybug!

“Phew!” Tammy said. “Well, at least it wasn’t a plane!”

Here are some questions to ask after listening to the story:

  • What landed on Tammy’s nose?
  • Why did Tammy feel sleepy?
  • What wakes Tammy up?
  • What does the doctor find?

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