What’s on Your Kids’ Wish List? – Top Tech Holiday Gifts for Kids

With the holidays just around the corner, some parents are scrambling to find last minute gift ideas for their kids. There have been so many great toys and pieces of technology that have come out this year, that there are so many to choose from. Here is a list, broken down by price category of some of the most popular items for kids this year.


$100 or under

Playstation Move – $49.99 – Many gaming systems are tapping into the area of motion controlled gaming. With this device, you will combine advanced motion sensors, a dynamic color changing sphere, vibration feedback, and an easy to use button interface. Move and play your way through Blu-ray powered HD worlds and innovative experiences that this device can achieve.

Barbie Video Girl – $49.99 – Nominated for the Toy of the Year Award, this Barbie is perfect for all doll and film lovers! This doll doubles as a video camera. You can record and play clips all by using the camera hidden in the doll’s necklace. You can shoot films from the view of the doll and then upload it to a computer. It comes with a USB cord and you can also add music, graphics and other special effects with the free editing software.

LeapFrog Leapster Explorer Learning Experience – $69.99 – This serves as a great learning device for kids. With so many options to both learn and play, kids can choose from games, e-books, videos and online play, all on one device! You can be sure that your kids will keep learning while they have fun!

$100 – $300

Xbox 360 4GB Console with Kinect – $299.99 – Xbox users will fall even more in love with their gaming systems with Kinect! This controller-free version of gaming allows users to use their whole bodies to play. The Kinect uses a motion sensor, along with skeletal tracking, facial and voice recognition to respond to how you move. No controllers mean more freedom and room to play!

PS3 – $299.99 – The latest Playstation continues to provide fantastic graphics with its Blu-ray player, perfect for HD movies. Wifi allows you to log on to Playstation networks where you can access exclusive gaming. Huge amounts of storage means you can put even more of the great content into your system.

$350 and up

Disney Netpal – $349.95 – This computer is the perfect gift for a first-time user. With colorful Disney themes, it was designed specifically for kids. It has tons of fun apps and desktop accessories with kids’ favorite characters. With parental controls, it is very web-safe. It comes with a built in camera, and a spill-proof keyboard! It is lightweight and perfect for taking on long trips.

Apple iPad – $499.99. – The latest tablet computer from Apple is becoming increasingly popular among kids. Great for audio, video, books, games and other content, it is very user friendly, especially among younger audiences. Instead of buying a bulky computer, this light weight tablet can serve almost all your kids’ needs. With so many free apps available to iPad users, it is definitely worth the investment.

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