What is Google Drive?

Google Drive is a convenient and simple way for children to learn about online storage and to create various types of documents for school and fun. With access to a free Google Account that a parent creates, students can create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, forms, maps, and more. Some schools even have school-friendly Google accounts that are setup and monitored by school technology staff. Once the files are created, they are stored online. They can then easily be shared, printed or emailed to a teacher or even family. The documents found in Google Drive are compatible with Microsoft Office products and the files can easily be converted into that format and opened by those programs as well as converted back into a Google Drive file.

One of the benefits of Google Drive is that you and your children can access their files from any device with an Internet connection. This allows files to be more accessible and for your children not to have a USB device that are easily lost or forgotten in a computer. In addition, Google Drive allows for collaboration, which is great for when they are working on a group project.

Here are some examples of how children utilize Google Drive:

  • Write a book report (document)
  • Create a spreadsheet about math data (spreadsheet)
  • Develop a presentation about a class topic (presentation)
  • Draw a digital picture (drawing)
  • Collect data for a science fair experiment (form)
  • Pinpoint locations and trail of an explorer (map)

Follow this series for tips and tricks to help your child to learn and utilize Google Drive for school project. Have you used Google Drive with your children before? What have you created?

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