What Goes Around Comes Around – Inspirational Video

An important concept that many educators try to instill in our children is the concept of helping out others in need. This is a very important thing to learn about, as it can be applied almost every day in some different way. From a simple act of kindness like helping someone carry their groceries to lending someone change, it is the little things that make a big difference to a lot of people.

A program called K-State Proud, which is a campaign at Kansas State University supporting students in acts of philanthropy towards other people, made a video demonstrating just that. For the past three years, they have managed to donate over $250,000 to keep some of their fellow students in school when they needed major help.

This video is great because it shows children that they don’t have to do some huge event or task in order to help someone out. Students pooled together money to purchase another student’s lunch. Even though it was a small, simple task, they made that one student feel special and happy for that moment. The video also offers insight from some of the students who had more help from the program. A young cancer survivor talks about how because of the program and the acts of kindness from participants, she was able to stay in school and continue her education.

By teaching children that the simplest acts have some big effects, they will learn to pass on these ideals to others and help spread the message.

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