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Episode 28  –  October 1, 2010

Feature of the Week – Adora Svitak

  • 12-year-old published writer, poet, literacy advocate, teacher, speaker and activist.
  • Has shared knowledge of education in conferences, classrooms and other public events.
  • Travels advocating for literacy, integration of technology in education, welfare of children, and girl’s rights.
  • Goals of encouraging public education reform for prevention of social and economic inequality in addition to providing technology and internet access to undeveloped countries.

Watch and Learn – Charlie Brown Homework Approaches

  • Uses famous cartoon characters to show different approaches children have to homework
  • Demonstrates the different skills used in finishing assignments
  • Shows the different types of learners and how they approach the same goal.

E-Freebies – 5 Safety Sites for Students

  • Childnet
  • Stop Bullying Now!
  • The Carnegie Cyber Academy
  • Welcome to the Web
  • Safety Web

Article – Special Needs Programs in Hawaii

  • Program to offer Special Ed classes to students who cannot attend traditional schools
  • Goals to strengthen and improve student interest and parent participation and commitment
  • Virtual and on-site programs will be offered to low income neighborhoods on nights and weekends, as well as in person.

So, What Do You Know?

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