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Sometimes the traditional way of learning doesn’t work for all kids. Some are not the best at memorizing long lists of material. Parts of speech and grammar are sometimes a challenge for visual learners.


Grammaropolis is a great website that children can use to help them learn parts of speech and build their reading skills. In this world, there is a different character for each part of speech such as adverb, pronoun and adjective. With colorful graphics and cartoon-like qualities, kids will quickly become engaged. Each character has their own personality that reflects their own part of speech. They also interact with each other just like they would interact with each other in a sentence.

The characters also have a background story that explains about them. Children can read these to learn more about each one. They can also take quizzes and play fun games to help them build these important skills. There is even a Grammaropolis video and song that includes all the characters. There is a virtual book that kids can read along with and will soon be an entire book series which stars the Grammaropolis characters.

This is a really great site for visual learners who want to practice their literacy skills. The stories and animated characters are perfect for helping children remember what they are learning. Kids can also directly tie back what they have learned with these stories to the characters. The videos and songs will help students associate the characters with the parts of speech and fun at the same time!

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