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I stumbled upon a great website for parents this week called The Online Mom.  This website is a wealth of resources including articles, reviews, and resources for parents to learn about the tech tools that their kids use and love.

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The main section of this website includes articles about popular topics that are important for parents to know about technology.  Recent articles include topics on Facebook settings, cellphone use of tweens, and time spent on social media websites.  One of the articles I really enjoyed reading was called “Top 10 Tech Tips for Parents.”  This was a great article for parents just delving into the tech world with their children.  It provides solid advice for parents to share (and understand) knowledge about computing at home. This includes tips like not to talk to strangers online, not to give out personal information online, and to not install programs that they do not know exactly what they are used for and to ask permission first for any program download.

Articles located under the Tech Trends tab are the most popular articles that are ‘trending’ (the most popular).   Many of these articles are about the iPad, iPad apps, e-books, and gaming which are all popular with kids today.   The most popular articles are also easily accessible on tabs at the top of the website about online safety, social networking, and “how-to” with technology.

Technology A-Z

Technology A-Z has a list of the most popular tech terms that kids use.  Parents can use this as a resource to help to understand the lingo.  This is a great resource to learn what WiFi means (wireless network) or text speak that children may be using on cell phones.  The terms include both positive and negative words so that parents can be fully informed.  I found their list of texting (txt) and instant messaging (im) abbreviations very helpful.

Video Games

The Video Games section of this websites is one of the most extensive that I have seen online.  This is a great page for parents of boys who love video games.  It provides a wealth of information about different types of video games (console, online, and apps) along with games that are available on the different platforms.  They provide reviews of the games that also offer a detailed description along with the user rating.  The best information is found under the Game of the Week section where they review one video game a week.  All old reviews are archived so that you can refer back to them when selecting and purchasing new games.

The Online Mom is a great resource for parents to learn about new technologies to help educate their children along with making informed decisions about technology they will purchase for their children.

Article By Laura Ketcham

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