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I came across a great website a few weeks ago that is perfect for Moms looking for interactive resources for helping children to be successful called Mom’s Homeroom. There are videos, articles, blog posts, printables for kids, and a discussion board to connect mothers from all across the United States.  There is even a mobile edition of this website to help busy Moms stay connected and access resources on-the go.

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There are four mothers that host the site and share their best tips and tricks for keeping kids healthy, motivated, engaged, and on the right path in education and at home.  Each mom has a different perspective and background including blended families, balancing work and children, homeschooling, and a teacher/parent perspective.


Many of the current videos posted on the website relate to back-to-school topics.  The videos are great because they are short snippets that can be watched from the mobile website from anywhere that a busy Mom may have a few minutes.  The Moms provide tips on topics including keeping kids organized, preparing for the first day of school, how to transition back to school when homeschooling, making connections with new teachers, back to school check lists, and building self-esteem for a new school year.  All of the videos include easy-to-follow tips and suggestions for building a loving and caring home around the child’s best educational and social/emotional goals.


The articles on this website are linked from various educational websites like Great Schools and Scholastic.  It is great to be able to access high-quality articles from different resources all on one website.  They are organized with the most current topic and articles provided on the first page, however users can then search based on topics to find articles that meet their current needs.  Topics include back to school, reading, math, writing, study skills, test taking, memory, and social concerns.  What I like most about the articles is that they are embedded into the Mom’s Homeroom website, so when you select an article it is easy to get back to other portions of the website or to look at more articles.

Discussion Board & Blogs

The discussion board and blogs can be found on the community link.  This is where the Moms and additional Mom bloggers post short articles about current trends and topics that are important.  The blogs are well written and provide useful tips in just a few paragraphs.  They share personal stories from their children’s experiences both at school and at home and share concerns and triumphs.  They provide anecdotes for other Moms that may be in similar circumstances.

The discussion board is a great place for all mothers or caretakers of children to get involved and share information.  Individuals can post questions or concerns to the discussion board and then others, including those hosting the website can respond with suggestions for solving the concerns based on their experiences.  It is a great way for mothers to connect.  Users can post anonymously or they can use their Facebook account to connect.

Mom’s Homeroom website was a great find for online interaction and suggestions in helping children to be their best inside and outside of the classroom.

Article By Laura Ketcham

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