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Children can learn from each other on an everyday basis. From interacting on a playground to working together in a group setting, lessons can be learned a lot easier when it comes from someone that is just like them.


Much like in many other areas like sports or video games, kids enjoy learning from each other. By having someone their own age and with similar interests, they are often times more inclined to pay attention and learn.

Smories is a place where kids can come to do just that. Not only can they hear stories from other children, but these stories are just for children, too! What’s great about this selection of stories is that there is a continuous flow of new stories. Whether you are stuck in traffic or at a long line at the doctor’s office, you can simply play a list of Smories on your iPhone and keep your kids entertained for hours.

This site is also a great resource for many aspiring young authors. It serves as a safe place where kids can read and research different kinds of work! There is a featured Smory every day. You can learn about the author of each one, and what age group that particular story is best for.

There is even a list of past winners of the competitions. Young writers can submit some of their favorite stories for a chance to be featured on the site. With a special version for the iPhone, these smories are totally accessible!

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