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Who doesn’t have a smartphone these days?  Even many kids have access to tablets, iPods, and iPhones.  One amazing app that is available from iTunes is called Voice Dream Reader.  While the app is slightly pricy, it will be a valuable tool in encouraging reading in your children.

What is Voice Dream Reader?

Voice Dream Reader is an app that allows you to upload content from almost anywhere including books, news articles, PDFs, and Word documents.  Once you have uploaded the content, you can either read it for yourself or have the content read to you.

Why should you get Voice Dream Reader?

Voice Dream Reader is a great app to encourage struggling readers.  A child who struggles to sound out words often begins to dislike reading.  They are forced to read simple books that are not interesting to them.  The reading feels hard so they don’t want to continue trying to read.  This app lets them pick books they are interested in even if the book is above their reading level.  They can follow the highlighted words as the book is read to them.

Improving Reading Levels with Voice Dream Reader

One way to improve reading and vocabulary in children is to read books that are slightly above their grade level to them.  This app does that for you.  As children listen to and follow along with the books they choose, their knowledge of words – both their sounds and their meanings – will grow.

Download this app, grab a pair of headphones, let your child choose a book, and you are ready to go.  Your child will enjoy listening to favorite stories, and you will appreciate the fact that they are reading and learning.  What other apps do you use to encourage reading in your children’s lives?

Photo by: Japanexperterna.se

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