Visualize This! A Way With Words…

For many kids, visualization is a great tool to learn and remember words, concepts, definitions and other forms of education. For those visual learners, seeing and connecting words with pictures is key in learning.

tag galaxy

Tag Galaxy is a tool that will take kids into another world! I tried it myself and thought it was a great interactive tool. You start by typing in a word. This word will be the tag that will branch off to give you many definitions and meanings for that tag. This is key in developing relationships between words and ideas, especially for visual learners.

As soon as the word is typed in, you will be taken into a galaxy that has the original word surrounded by orbiting related terms. By clicking on the center word, you can also view pictures from Flickr that are tagged to each of the words. This tool is like a modern day and interactive web of ideas that many of us have done in the classroom.

Kids can practice vocabulary, spelling and new concepts all by using this tool. You can see related terms and form relationships between them. It is a fun and unique way to visualize information and new meanings. It would also be a great story-starter tool. You can look up different main ideas, and then use the orbiting words to incorporate details and other related terms into their works.

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