Virtual and Online Classes for Children with Chronic Illness

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The Living Through Learning Foundation is a non profit organization in New Jersey that helps children attend virtual and online courses when they are unable to attend regular school hours due to illness and chronic diseases that may keep them at hospitals or clinics and away from school.

A high school student, who was being treated for cancer, was able to keep up with her school work and attend virtual classes, including most of her science courses that she was able to watch and communicate using a webcam. An abc channel in Hackensack, New Jersey featured the story highlighting Katherine Frega and the program’s efforts.

The foundation arranges for children to receive classes and even fieldtrips, as that is one of the most valuable lessons a child can experience in school life.

The foundation works with several educators and also partners with Performance by Design, Inc to enhance the student’s virtual experience. They also collaborate with educational specialists at hospitals and clinics who have experience working with students with chronic illness of all grade levels, pre K to college.

The Living Through Learning Foundation is able to provide access to learning using technology and facilitate the goals of students that otherwise might be frustrated with being away from school. This is an excellent example of how educational technology can be used to target a need that had not been addressed in education, cities, districts, communities, and schools, a virtual school and online classes for students with chronic diseases.
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