Video Safety Guide for Educators

Videos are an interactive and fun way to teach children some important lessons. They are a great way to keep many them entertained and interested in what is being taught. For very important lessons, like ones about safety, they can be a extra beneficial piece of material.

Safe Kids USA is a website full of a combination of organizations that have come together to help prevent childhood accidents that affect so many people around the world. They have a great collection of educational materials for both teachers and parents that they can use to help prevent these accidents.

In the educators’ section there are tons of free lessons, games and other materials for children in pre-K and elementary school. A great feature in this site is the section for parents, where there are Safe Kids USA videos and safety guides that address many potential hazards. There are even videos that address safety guides specifically for students with special needs.

This video focuses on falls prevention for children with special needs.

The focus of the videos is to inform users on important precautions like fire and burn prevention, drowning, choking and falls. Parents can watch these videos along with their children to learn safety guidelines and also step-by-step instructions that are geared towards improving safety conditions in the home. You can search by risk area to easily find one that fits your specific area of interest.

Although accidents can happen anytime and anywhere, these videos give viewers practical and beneficial information for their children and their safety.

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