Venn Diagram – Shape Sorter Applet

Venn DiagramThis online Venn diagram / shape sorter tool is an engaging way to have students analyze, classify and explore the relationships between the attributes and properties of two-dimensional geometric shapes.

 How to Use the Venn Diagram Applet:

To start, simply click on the pop-up menus at the bottom to select a rule(s). The applet will automatically generate the appropriate Venn diagram. Then instruct your children to click and drag the shapes from the bar at the top to the appropriate regions. The colors of the shapes can be changed by clicking on the shape and then using the pop-up color palette tool on the left. The shapes can also be flipped and rotated by clicking on the arrows. To delete a shape, drag it back to the bar at the top or click on the trash can button above the color palette. To clear the shapes from the Venn diagram while using the same rules, click on the eraser button. To start over and select new rules, click on the home button. Children may also click on the check button located at the bottom to check their progress.

Here are some activities you can try with your children depending on their age and ability:

Choose rules for a two-region diagram so that no shapes can be placed in the overlapping region. Ask children about the relationship that exists between the labels. For example:

  • “At least one angle is right” and “all angles are acute”
  • “The figure has at least one diagonal” and “all angles are acute”

Choose rules for a two-region diagram in which one region is contained inside the other. Ask children about the relationship that exists between the labels. For example:

  • “The figure has no sides parallel” and “the figure has no diagonals”
  • “The figure has rotational symmetry” and “the figure is a regular polygon”

Shape Sorter

Click on the picture above to explore the Venn diagram applet.

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