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Art is a great subject to teach to all kids. Whether it is teaching them how to paint or draw, or studying some of the greatest masterpieces of all times from the world’s most famous artists, there is so much knowledge that can be learned and inspire students. The Internet is full of really great resources that can help children learn about all the different aspects of art. Below is a quick list of some of those great sites!


Artist A Day

This is a great way to incorporate art into your every day! This site, aimed at raising awareness of art globally, shows work from some artists who they feel do not get enough attention. They will show one or two images from that artist, along with links to their site and more work. In 2009, the site celebrated their 1000th artist and hit the 800,000 subscriber mark, coming from over 255 countries and territories!

Chicken Lemon Nugget Tooty

This great little blog comes from a father who posts artwork from his children. This is a great way for families to show off their artistic abilities and share their works with the world. It is also a way for other children to be inspired, and hopefully do more related activities with their own families.

Art Kids Rule

This site calls itself the best place for learning, playing and creating, and kids can do just that. It is full of fun activities, resources and tutorials that kids of all ages can do! It is great for small groups or teachers in classrooms. Let the kids have full control over the computer with this site and let their artistic side go wild!

Picture By See-ming Lee 李思明 SML

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