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EdHeads is a non-profit organization that works to create unique and educational web activities that are free for children and parents to use. This website is great because it has original and interactive activities. All the games and activities are designed to meet both state and national standards. By partnering with different school systems all over the United States, EdHeads has material that has been researched, tested and approved by the best! The website has also been recognized for many awards on the Internet for their excellent content.


Some of the activities found on the site include “Design a Cell Phone”, “The Odd Machine” and “Simple Machines”. With technology integrated activities, many digital learners will really enjoy this site. I checked out the “Virtual Knee Surgery” activity. This activity was great because it went through a virtual hospital with doctors and tools, all which are real world applications. Children have the opportunity to take on the role of the surgeon throughout a total knee replacement surgery. There are even links to real surgery pictures where students can learn more about this field. You can turn on subtitles so you can practice reading, too. Students will follow instructions to correctly perform a virtual surgery. This is a great activity that provides both fun and educational information for kids, and can even spark an interest in that particular field!

The activities are all of great high quality. They have colorful graphics and great audio. EdHead utilizes the Internet to teach more difficult concepts to children. Because it is such a powerful learning tool, they want to use it to its full advantage and motivate kids to keep learning beyond their classroom. With these activities, they are able to do just that.

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