Up, Up and Away! NASA Interactive Website for Kids

Celebrating an anniversary of any company or business can be a fun and interesting experience. NASA has just released a new website to honor their 50th!


NASA’s 50th Anniversary Flash feature is a fantastic site full of information and fun. This interactive timeline highlights each decade that NASA has been involved with, starting with 1950 and continuing into the 2000’s. When you click on each decade, you get to explore and click around to learn and discover what was going on during those times.

Not only does it give you information related to NASA, but it also gives you some history, animations, virtual radio broadcasts of news headlines of NASA and other world news, original videos, speeches and rocket launches! Another fun bonus on the site is the music, which plays in the form of a jukebox, record, tape, CD or mp3 player, letting you really get into the spirit of the times.

This site is such a great one to use with students. If you are teaching a lesson on space or our country’s history with NASA, this site is the best. There is even some historical information that they might not even notice they are learning, just by clicking around. The robot guide acts as a friendly character who will take the children throughout the site.

With the large amount of material that is on here, you can probably use this site over a period of a week or so, spending time on each decade and using it as a base of lessons or subject topics.

Use this site to encourage students to learn about history in a fun way. You can use this across so many topics like space, history, etc. There is so much content on this site, you may end up getting lost in space!

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