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Kids and games. A combination of things that will always work.

With all the websites out there, parents are often looking for a safe and fun place they can let their children visit. At Jimmi Rocks, Under the Sea Adventures, you can find plenty of interactive and educational fun and games for kids.

On this vivid underwater themed site, kids can navigate through this virtual world while learning facts about sea animals, creating their own art, playing interactive games and communicating with others while they earn points to decorate their very own underwater world!

When a parent registers for the site, they get access to accept and request other members, limit the amount of time their children are allowed to spend on games, set the chat to be open or not and monitor the children’s activities, all for free. If you want a premium membership, you also have the option to upgrade your account.

Through the activities, kids get to develop literacy skills, inspire creativity, learn decision making skills and knowledge about sea creatures. Jimi Rock, a dolphin, will be your guide as you travel through the site. Each place you visit on the site is also a book that you can read along with.

Activities that kids may participate include designing their own underwater character, learning about sea creatures, painting a picture of a sea, visiting dive sites, taking a quiz about these sites, writing messages in a bottle and much more!

This site is great for elementary age children, especially when you are teaching about the ocean and using underwater themes. With activities ranging in science, literacy and art, kids will be engaged and learning!

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