Understanding 1:1 Technology as a Parent

As a parent, you may have heard the term “1:1” (one to one) from your child’s school or teacher.  What does this exactly mean?  It means that your child will be participating in a learning environment where every child will have their own computer device, be it a laptop or a tablet computer, throughout the school day.  The teachers will be integrating technology for your child to learn the 21st century skills that they will need to be successful and prepare them for college and career readiness. It’s time for Understanding 1:1 Technology as a Parent!

Depending upon the school, you may need to provide the device for the child or the school may provide the device to the child.  You should understand the expectations of what they can and cannot do at school while on the device as well as consequences if the AUP (acceptable use policy) is not followed.  In addition, you should become knowledgeable as to the policy for when the device may need repairs.  Are you responsible, are they responsible, will your child be provided with a loaner device?

In the classroom, you can expect the teacher to have your child utilizing the computer for a variety of learning activities, not just for play.  Activities will vary from watching videos independently to build upon background knowledge before they learn a topic or to use it as an active learning tool where they will be designing and creating.  This type of learning will most likely also carry to the home where they will need the device in order to complete home learning and extension activities.

As a parent, it is important for you to understand what your child will be using the device for, how much time they will be expected to be on the device at school and at home, as well as any policies the school has for the use of technology.  What other questions do you have about 1:1 technology as a parent?

Photo by: Stephan Hochhaus

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