Ultimate Technology Gift Guide

Even though many parents are worrying about what to get their kids this holiday season, there are plenty of cool tech items that appeal to the older crowds, as well. Whether you are a basic beginner or a huge techie, there is something for everyone. Below you will find a quick list of some of the most popular items on everyone’s wish list this year!



For those who love to gab and keep in touch with their friends and families, these smart phones are the perfect pick.

iPhone 4 – $199 – $299 – iPhone lovers will love the upgrade of the latest model. With FaceTime, iPhone users can easily stay in touch with their loved ones with the tap of a button. Retina display allows for crisp and clear pictures, one of the highest qualities on a phone. HD video recording lets you record and share some of your experiences with your friends and family.

Samsung Epic 4G– $250. – The latest smart phone form Sprint is truly epic! With a large keyboard and touch screen capabilities, its 4G features allow you to browse the Internet, stream movies and do so much more. Dual front and rear facing cameras allow for easy video calling and recording. This multimedia powerhouse has many features that other phones in this family do not.

Blackberry Torch – $50 $200– The latest Blackberry device combines the best of both worlds with touch phone capabilities and the famous Blackberry keyboard. With a new operating system and tons of media features, this sleek phone is very multi-faceted. A perfect smart phone for any phone lover!

Mom and Dad

Parents are catching on to the latest technological trends, too. Why not update your bulky desktops with these lightweight devices?

Asus Eee PC 1008P- Karim Rashid Edition: First Impressions – $499.99 – This netbook is the perfect gift for mom. With its seashell surface, it is very stylish among all other netbooks. It is very light weight and also has a great grip around the outside. With a camera built in, easy to read keyboard and clear screen, this is great to carry along for important meetings or appointments during the day.

iPad – $499 – The latest device from Apple allows users to page through websites, emails, photos, movies and so much more! With a beautiful Multi-Touch screen, you can read newspapers, watch movies and download tons of thousands of apps. There are so many fun and exciting things you can do with the iPad, and its sleek design allows you to travel and bring it along with you on your everyday trips!


With all the studying that our kids do (or we hope they do!) there are some great pieces of technology that are great for students who need a study break!

iPod Nano – $149– The new iPod Nano now has Multi-Touch! With a sleek square design, these colorful devices can hold all the latest mp3s. You can clip it on to your clothes and take it with you. With a 240-by-240 pixel resolution, you can show off album art on this beautiful screen. With a tap or a swipe, you can easily shuffle through your library of music.

LiveScribe Echo™ Smartpen – $149.95 – This puts the “smart” in smartpen. This pen will not only record everything you hear, but also what you write and draw. After recording, you can tap on your notes to have them replay to you. You can instantly find what you need instead of skimming through pages and pages of notes. There are more fun things you can do with this pen and special paper. Learn all the tricks and tips once you get your hands on one!

Amazon Kindle – $139 – The new Kindle is perfect for all book lovers. Now even lighter, smaller and faster, this e-book reader will surely please reading fans. Built in wi-fi allows you to shop and download books instantly. High contrast E Ink screen and new fonts allows for clear and easy reading. This affordable price allows you to enjoy this device without breaking the bank.

Big Spenders

For those of you who want to shell out the big bucks this year, this is an amazing piece of technology that is perfect to add to your collection or home!

Sony BRAVIA LX900 HDTV with 3D – $3,600 – With the latest movies coming out in 3D, it was only a matter of time before the television world caught on. This state-of-the-art television makes screen images look like they are coming to life, right in your own living room! Using the 3D glasses, you can really feel like you are a part of what is going on inside the television with the beautiful pictures. You can also watch other channels in addition to the 3D viewing.

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