Typing: A Necessary Skill

We live in a world filled with technology.  Even children love using tablets, phones, and computers to find information, read books, and play games.  With all this technology, many middle school teachers are requiring students to type reports and papers before turning them in.  While this is a great goal, many schools are not teaching typing to elementary age children.

If you are wanting to add a typing program to your home school curriculum or even just to have your child learn to type outside of school, Typingweb.com is an excellent free resource.

Getting Started

To begin, simply set up a username and password of your choice.  (If you are home schooling, you can register as a teacher and set up usernames for all your children.)  Once your child has logged in, they can start taking lessons.  Lesson range from beginner to advanced getting gradually harder as they go.

Typing Rewards

This website also has some fun features that appeal to children.

  • Trophies: Every time a child successfully completes a lesson, they earn a trophy.  Children will like seeing their trophy case fill up.
  • Different Backgrounds: Each child can choose his own background for the website after they log in.  (The site calls the backgrounds “skins.”)  It is so fun for each child to log in and see a background of their choice.
  • Games:  This is probably the one thing that the children will enjoy the most.  The website has 12 typing games that are still all free to play.  They allow the children to review the typing skills they have learned in the lessons in a fun way.

Typing is a skill that is necessary in our technological world.  Unfortunately it is a skill that is often not being taught early enough.  Typingweb.com is a tool that can help your child master this crucial skill.

Photo by: Kiran Foster

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