“Twitterview” – Kids Using Social Media

We see children who are younger and younger using cell phones, computers and other forms of technology, so it is no surprise that they are now diving into the world of social networking sites, too.

Combining technology and learning is more important now than ever. Children from a third grade class at Sts. Philip and James School demonstrate how they used social networking site, Twitter and creators of animated, curriculum-based content for students, BrainPOP to conduct interviews with characters from BrainPop to learn about the solar system. BrainPOP is used in numerous ways, from introducing a new lesson or topic to illustrating more detailed or complex subject matters. The content is aligned to state standards, making it a perfect partner for this class project.

The class used a single Twitter account so that students could send out tweets using Twitter. After having lesson in the solar system, the students used Twitter to ask questions that they had formed after the unit. Their answers were then “answered” by BrainPop characters, Tim and Moby. By having the answers available right on Twitter, the students had easily conducted their own “Twitterview”.

This school’s technology program is an excellent demonstration of how children, as young as third grade, are incorporating the use of such sites as Twitter into their learning experiences. The fact that the students are even aware of sites such as Twitter at such a young age is proof of how technology is taking over in our students’ classrooms and learning experiences.

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