Tweaks of the Week – 3 Changes for Educators in Social Media

This week there were a couple of changes and fixes in two of the most popular social media sites, Facebook and Twitter. As popular as these sites are, visitors and users should constantly be updated on what the latest is, ensuring they get the most from their services. For educators and teachers that use these tools in the classrooms, here is a quick look at what Twitter and Facebook were up to this week.


 Facebook Privacy

Facebook’s Easy Privacy Settings – Facebook has always been known for their detailed privacy settings. What were previously around 50 settings has now been simplified down to just about 15. One-click controls allow you to set who can see private content. You can also control who can see users’ friends and pages and applications or websites. You can also easily view how different parts of the profile are being shared with which group of Facebook friends you have chosen. These groups can be everyone, friends, friends only and custom lists. They also offer recommended settings with detailed information on why each setting is important to each list or application.


Twitter Followings

Twitter’s You Both Follow Feature – In order to build upon the relationships that Twitter has already built for its users; there is a new feature on the site. When clicking on someone’s profile, there is a new list titled “both following.” This feature allows users to see the connections they have established through the site. As this feature is new, it is only available on a portion of Twitter accounts but the rest should be seeing the feature soon.

Twitter URLs

Twitter Tests URL Shortening Feature – In a new test this week, Twitter has been testing a feature that will allow users to include a shortened URL in messages they post on their profiles. The feature is in limited testing but is set to be released this summer. With the limited amount of characters available on each Twitter post, this feature will allow for more information in each post. It will also check whether the links are safe or not, hoping to also eliminate spam and viruses.

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