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For some children, it is hard to put the words “fun” and “math” in the same sentence. Fortunately, there are a lot of great free resources that are available which offer interactive math games that can help them build their fundamental math skills.

learn your tables

Learn Your Tables is a great site to help kids develop multiplication skills. The site is very basic and easy to navigate, so they will have no problem using the site. Anywhere they click will most likely bring them to a multiplication question, so there is not need to worry about them getting lost or clicking around and getting distracted.

There are two basic games that are available on the site and they are available on two different levels. The more basic game you can play is a simple drag and drop activity. In this activity, kids have to match equations to their correct answers. The more difficult game requires them to enter the correct answer to a multiplication question. The easier level of the two only has problems from one multiplication table and the more difficult level has problems from more than one multiplication table. Whichever game your students choose, they will be sure to get some type of practice that will only help with their math skills.

Parents can use this site as a resource for kids to use on their own to practice their multiplication and math skills.

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