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Twitter Revamps Trending Topics

When Twitter users logged on to the site, they use to see a list of “trending topics” in the right hand column. These were the most topics that were the most tweeted about on Twitter.

The focus of these topics was based on the most discussed items. From an awards show to the new release of a famous actor’s movie, fans would flock to these lists to stay updated with what was going on.


Just last week, Twitter decided to shift that focus to items that are “most breaking” and “immediately popular”. These updates were to improve the relevancy of trending topics. Popular musical artists that were being talked about by fans around the world will no longer dominate the trending topics list.

Twitter explains that the new algorithm will identify topics that are immediately popular, instead of those that have been popular for a while, or on a daily basis. This will help people discover breaking news from around the world.

I think this algorithm is a smart move. Sometimes Twitter is the one thing that keeps people informed with others and the world around them. Educators who use Twitter can incorporate these important trends into lessons.

Twitter is a great way for both educators and children to keep up on the latest in news and the world, even if they are in school. As more and more teachers are beginning to incorporate social media sites like Twitter into the classroom, it is important that constant changes like these are being made.

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