Top Five Educational Technology Blogs to Follow

Free Technology for Teachers

Free Technology for Teachers

This Edublog award winner for Best Individual Edublog 2009 and Best Resource Sharing Blog 2009 is dedicated to sharing information about free resources for use with children. It was developed by high school social studies teacher and Google Certified Teacher, Richard Byre, who believes that, “when used correctly, technology has the power to improve student engagement and student achievement.”

Free Technology for Teachers is a treasure chest of the latest technology ideas and resources for teachers. Be sure to check out the “Applications for Education” section within each post for suggestions about how the featured free resource can be used in the classroom.

In addition to articles, Byre has written free printable guides. “Beyond Google” provides strategies to help your students improve their researching skills, and “Twelve Essentials for Technology Integration” contains valuable information for both new and veteran classroom technology users.

Blogging About the Web 2.0 Connected Classroom

Web 2.0 Classroom

Instructional technologist and former teacher Steven W. Anderson’s blog is jam-packed with the latest educational technology news. Included are reviews of social media and Web 2.0 tools, lists of online teacher resources, and stimulating articles about such topics as Internet safety, the power of professional learning networks, and necessary skills for 21st century educators.

Anderson is the Edublog award winner for Best Individual Tweeter 2009, and he blogs frequently about discussions held on #edchat, a Twitter chat room where teachers from all over the world participate in engaging debates on education-related topics.

Billings Beta – Notes from the Tech Lab

Best Classroom Blog

Billings Beta was voted Edublog’s winner as Best Class Blog 2009. This technology blog catalogs Beta Middle School’s “student experiences with digital tools and discussions around the social, political, environmental and moral impacts of technology.” Maintained by Jac de Haan, technology integration officer and Google Certified Teacher, this blog is an inspiration for educators that are thinking of starting their own technology blog.

Take time to visit this classroom blog. Browse through the posts, watch some YouTube videos documenting science experiments, and you will surely feel the enthusiasm Beta Middle School students have for technology in the classroom.

Also check out the digital identity section, which contains important articles and discussions for students about Internet safety, online etiquette, social networking, cyberbullying, and tools to keep your personal computers safe.

The Fischbowl

 Lifetime Achievement Award 2009

The Fischbowl is the recipient of Edublog’s Lifetime Achievement Award 2009.  Karl Fisch, Director of Technology at Arapahoe High School in Centennial, Colorado, started this blog just over four years ago in order to continue conversations about staff development efforts.

The Fischbowl’s thought-provoking articles are written to get conversations started and raise awareness about new technologies and relevant educational topics. As Fisch wrote in his Nov. 17, 2009, post, “Education is conversation. Conversation creates change.”

Be sure to check out the Fischbowl Presentations, especially the popular “Did You Know/Shift Happens” videos about the shifts that are occurring globally and their implications for the future of education.

Two Writing Teacher

Two Writing Teachers

This award winner for Best Teacher Edublog 2009 is a collaborative effort written by two writing teachers, Ruth Ayres and Stacy Shubitz, who met at the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project at Columbia University.

If you are looking for writing inspiration, this is the site for you. As stated on the website, their mission is to provide a place:

  • For educators to be fueled with a passion for teaching, writing and living.
  • For educators to see the latest in research and ways to apply it in their classrooms.
  • For us to ‘practice what we preach’ by sharing our own writing.
  • To bring writing educators together to share ideas and stretch each other’s thinking.
  • To reflect on our teaching – celebrating when it goes well and working it out when it doesn’t.

Be sure to check out all the valuable information this site has to offer to support the teaching of writing. Beyond the many engaging and informative articles, you will also find online tools, resources to start your own writing workshop, downloadable presentation handouts, and inspiring quotes about teaching. You may even find the comments well worth reading!

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