Top 5 Social Media in Education Myths | #Edchat Recap

socialnetworkpic resized 600This week #edchatters discussed the myths that often get in the way of incorporating social media in education. These are the top 5.

Social Media in Education MYTHS

Technology takes too much time!

Actually, social media and web 2.0 tools saves time when used properly. Check out my recent post – Less time Searching and More Time Learning for an example.

Social media in schools is dangerous!

In fact, blocking social media in schools is dangerous. It leaves kids ill equipped to learn how to protect their digital footprint and safely navigate the social web. Check out this post for more information – 5 Ways to Teach Cyber Safety and Digital Responsibility.

Social media is for entertainment only!

It’s not all celebrities and gossip. This myth can be combated by showing administrators, teachers, and parents how they can use social media tools to explode their own learning. Check out my #edchat blog archives where I have documented all my learning from twitter’s #edchat alone.

Social media increases off-task behavior!

When students learn how to use social media productively, it actually increases collaboration, effort, creativity, and productivity. Scan these interviews with innovative eduBloggers on how social media has improved their teaching and transformed their classrooms.

You don’t need to learn about social media in schools!

Students are in a constant state of information curation and they cannot do it alone. It is crucial that educators incorporate numerous forms of literacy development in their curriculum, spending a little less time on print literacy and moving toward digital literacy and ultimately a networked literacy – including social media. To learn more, read Web 3.0, Networked Fluency, and Information Literacy.

Tips and Tools for Incorporating Social Media in the Classroom

If you are thinking, awesome but I’m a lower-elementary school teacher. I’ll let the middle and high school teachers take care of that! Check out this blog from The Innovate Educator entitled 8 Ways Ms. Schoening Used Facebook to Enrich a Primary Classroom. Also, be sure to scroll to the bottom and view the presentation.

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