Top 3 Education Articles to Start the Week | PLNs & Paperless Teaching

Here are some of the interesting educational articles that caught my attention this week. There was a lot of talk on professional learning networks and paperless teaching. These articles highlight some of the most interesting articles from this week.


Monitoring And Building Your PLN , Using 5 Tools Only – Around the Corner has paraphrased Bernie Dodge’s work and lists the 5 tools to keep your PLN very simple. Using iGoogle, Google Reader, Plurk, Diigo and Evernote, users can build a basic PLN. Many people find different resources that better fit their needs but these are good ones to start with.

Q&A with Shelly Blake-Plock, aka @teachpaperless – This is an interview with educator and paperless activist Shelly Blake-Plock. He gives his insight on teaching paperless and how it works in the classroom and also helps the environment. He gives tips on teaching paperless and how he has used it in his own classrooms.

Build Your PLN – To keep up with all the changes and advances in technology, we need to create our own learning network. With the tools available, it is easy to find places of interest and learning.

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