Top 3 Education Articles to Start the Week | Obama, FCAT & TFA

Here are some of the interesting educational articles that caught my attention this week. From teachers views towards Race to the Top, to FCAT changes and Teach for America applicant stories, these articles highlight some of the most interesting articles this of this week.

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These Seven Principles: Our Plea to Congress – Members of Teachers’ Letters to Obama discuss concerns with the direction of federal education reform’s Race to the Top initiative. They believe meaningful education reform must embrace a range of assessments, teachers must be held accountable through in-classroom evaluations by trained evaluators, teachers must work collaboratively to improve pedagogy and create thoughtful curriculum, teachers become invested in their work when they are given the opportunity to participate in school-wide decision-making and to be creative and thoughtful in their classrooms, our public school systems must be fully funded, and improvement  programs for struggling schools must be flexible and participatory.

New Florida Education Laws Phase Out High School FCAT – New methods of assessment will replace the FCAT. New exams called “end of course” tests will be required of Florida students to graduate. It will focus on the material covered in a specific class during the year.

On Education – A Chosen Few Are Teaching for America – Students being accepted to Teach for America feel comparable to being accepted to Ivy League schools. Teach for America hired more seniors than any other employer at numerous colleges. With a lengthy application process, many alumni are still in education, including more than 500 in “government or policy.”

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