Top 3 Education Articles to Start the Week | Bullying, Health & Facebook

Here are some of the informational and educational articles that caught my attention this week. From students taking a stand against bullying to the staff at schools taking a stand against childhood obesity, these articles highlight some great efforts of people just like you and me. With other advances in technology and social media, these articles highlight some of the most interesting articles from past week.


Middle School Students Writing a Book About Bullying – Students are working on a book to raise awareness of bullying, that is such a common problem in many schools. The book will be published and distributed among many schools. It allows students to use their writing skills to bring awareness to an issue that affects students all over the world.

Schools Trying To Expel Junk Food – Schools across the country are working to eliminate junk food from being sold in schools. A number of schools have already taken action against replacing the food options. More and more are getting involved to provide healthier options for our students.

UA Scientists Using Facebook To Build 6-12 Learning Tool – University of Arizona in Tucson staff is building a new Facebook program to help students learn how to teach themselves. It will give them tips for doing homework, working through math equations, translating word problems into other languages, critiquing a paper, writing educational Web applications, and producing electronic flashcards or an educational video. They want to examine how students learn in a Web-based environment built for networking and entertainment.

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