Top 3 Education Articles of the Week | Technology, Health and E-Books

Here are some of the informational and educational articles that caught my attention this week. These articles discuss the young students using technology, new items on many school lunch menus and the advances in the Kindle, and the ability to “lend” e-books. These are all exciting and innovative plans that highlight some upcoming changes and updates occurring in many schools across the country and around the world.


Schools pairing students with technology at younger ages – Berkeley Prep’s students use personal laptops in class and at home. They can do a variety of school related tasks on them. They are one of many schools that want to put this type of technology into the hands of students.

Stealth Health: Nudging Kids Toward A Better Diet – Fairfax County Public Schools in Virginia are asking kids to taste test new items for the school menu. Many of the meals include vegetables that are cooked into the recipes so that many kids will eat them. By disguising foods with healthy substitutes, they hope to get children eating better meals that taste good, too.

Amazon to allow book lending on the Kindle – Amazon has announced plans to allow users of its Kindle book reader to “lend” electronic books to other Kindle users, based on the publisher’s discretion. A book can be lent only for up to 14 days. A single book can only be lent once, and the lender cannot read the book while it is loaned out. Also, not all books may be loaned. It is up to the publisher or copyright holder to determine whether the title can be loaned out.

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