Top 3 Education Articles of the Week | School Length, Tools & Models

Here are some of the informational and educational articles that caught my attention this week. These articles discuss the changes that the schools are going through to improve education. The articles discuss arguments over cutting the length of the school year and changing the traditional models of teaching. They also discuss some new tools that are great for having students use that will help them learn about computing.


Extend, Don’t Cut, Learning Time – Public education advocates should fight against cuts to education funding and for increases in that funding when possible. They must also focus on ensuring that when cuts are necessary, the right cuts are made. We should not simply cut time from our school year to save funds.

4 (More) Tools for Teaching Kids to Code – In honor of National Computer Education Week, the crucial role of computing in today’s world has been highlighted. This post highlights 4 Tools for Teaching Kids to Code.

School of One Revolutionizes Traditional Classroom Model – A new learning system called School of One, has each student learning in different modalities throughout the day: individually with computer software, with groups, with a virtual tutor, with a live tutor, and so on. It combines individualized learning, the best of technology, and a flexible learning system that adapts to what students learn day by day.

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