Top 3 Education Articles of the Week | Play, Classroom Size & Money

Here are some of the informational and educational articles that caught my attention this week. These articles discuss the changes that advances that schools are working towards. The articles also discuss the importance of incorporating more recess in some schools, as well as larger classroom sizes. There is also information about how some schools are suffering while others get benefits.


At One School, a Push for More Play Time – Some New York kindergarten parents signed a letter asking public schools for more unstructured time in the school day, an extra recess period and better procedures in recess. Results included one extra gym period a week. Collaboration from parents and students and teachers collaboration made the ability to add more time for exercise while maintaining strong instruction.

New American Academy in Brooklyn Is an Experiment in Class Size – Instead of assigning one teacher to 25 students, the New American Academy used four teachers in large, open classrooms with 60 students each. The school stresses student independence over teacher-led lessons, scientific inquiry over rote memorization and freedom and self-expression over strict structure and discipline. This idea comes from a boarding school where students in small classes work collaboratively and hold discussions around tables.

Ross Global Academy Blames Girls Prep for Its Demise – The Department of Education announced the closing of Ross Global Academy based on performance, but the school is saying the true reason is due to money. School members believe they are favoring schools with more money, but the board claims it is based on the low performance and maintenance fees.

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