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Here are some of the informational and educational articles that caught my attention this week. These articles discuss the dinner plans schools have to prevent hunger and poor nutrition, teachers using blogging and other techniques to get students excited about learning and new cooking and food classes teaching important issues and lessons to students. The articles highlight some of the upcoming changes and updates that are occurring in many schools across the country.


Dinner bell follows class bell at some D.C. schools – D.C. public schools have started serving an early dinner to around 10,000 students, many who receive three meals a day from the system. They hope to curb childhood hunger and poor nutrition. Dinner plans also aim to stop childhood hunger, reduce rates of obesity and draw more students to after-school programs, where extra academic help is available. It is also being used to upgrade the quality and nutritional value of school food with fresh, locally grown ingredients.

Award-winning teacher gets kids ‘wild about blogging’ – Technology and Learning Conference awards 20 educators or school administrators around the country who are role models, inspiring their colleagues to embrace tools that help make learning more relevant for their students and more transparent for parents and community members. Stephanie Rick has many ways of using technology seamlessly into her teaching day. She has launched many technology based initiatives, including ‘Blog Wild,’ a district-wide student blogging campaign that gets elementary students wild about blogging their work.

Maywood students cook up a healthy lifestyle – Middle school students are learning about nutrition, food safety and cooking in Maywood Middle School’s kitchens. Students learn how to follow a recipe and use what they learn on their own.

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