Top 3 Education Articles of the Week | NCLB, Teachers and Lessons

Here is a look at some interesting educational articles in this week’s news. From new testing standards and teacher-student bonds to different viewpoints of teaching, these articles highlight some of the hot topics this week.

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Know Your World – This is a story of Teach for America teachers who find great passion in teaching at schools, specifically with disadvantaged or low-income students. Though challenging at times, the students connect with teachers to form an incredible bond. For many students, these teachers serve as role models and a person to look up to, making that bond even more special.

Fixing NCLB: How Testing Hurts Disadvantaged Kids – Teachers who are not in favor of changes to NCLB, point out how testing continues to place an emphasis on high-stakes accountability with standardized test scores. Many low-income children are more often in schools focused on control and remediation. Ironically, many of those who insist on forcing teachers and students to spend time going over basic skills believe they are helping “close the achievement gap”; when they may actually be making it wider. Education should not produce great test takers, but to prepare students for the future.

What Teachers Could Learn From Home-schoolers (and Vice Versa) – Homeschoolers and public school educators can both learn from each other. From the facts that parents know their children the best to the facts that schools have the ability to balance a large amount of skills in one school day, there are things they can both teach and learn.

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