Top 3 Education Articles of the Week | Interactive Learning and iPad 2

If you didn’t get enough in the news this week about Facebook and Twitter and the iPad 2, we have reviews and more! Here are the top three articles of this week:

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Reinventing Education – This is a video, not an article but I believe it brings a message to educators in today’s world. Salman Khan’s Ted Talk is funny, inspiring, and has a message: interactive lessons can help any student. He explains how Khan Academy focuses on filling out the gaps that students may have by adjusting the tutorials and exercises so that students can learn the concepts. You can read more about the Khan Academy in our previous post.

iPad 2 Reviews – The new iPad 2 goes on sale Friday March 11 and with so much talk about it, how do you know if it’s right for you? This is a tech review by TechCrunch. But don’t worry about weird technical terms in this article because the author describes and explains their evaluation of the new iPad in language we all can understand, including pictures of the new tablet.

iPad apps for Students – With the new iPad out, the previous version is decreasing in price and many schools are buying them for their students. So now your school bought the iPads, but what do you do with them? This article shares 6 apps you can use with your students.

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