Top 3 Education Articles of the Week | Hybrid Schools, iPads and Laptops

I love reading edtech success stories and articles that inspire us to move and progress the future of education. I specially enjoy sharing articles of student experiences where a challenge was presented to an educator and they used technology to resolve it. Here are my top three articles that will inspire all educators this week:

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The Hybrid SchoolsThis article describes this new model that is quickly rising in the country. Hybrid schools combine online instruction with face-to-face time with teachers. One of the biggest challenges for teachers is when they have students at different levels in one classroom and not being able to address their students’ specific needs. With the hybrid model, each student is able to find the way they learn best and fill out the gaps. One of the schools featured in the article, School One in New York, is already showing great success and inspiring stories.

Laptops for Every Student in MaineTen years ago, students in a middle school in Maine received laptops as part of an initiative by then former Governor Angus King. Today, the state’s DOE allocates funding for students to receive a laptop. The article outlines the goals of the program, how they started, and the achievements of the investment made in 2001. Not only are students enjoying working on assignments but also test scores have improved.


iPad Donations for Teach for America Looking for great excuse to get rid or your “old” iPad and buy a new device or newer version? Apple and Teach for America are getting together accepting donations of original versions of iPad that people may not want to keep or resell. They will use the donated mobile devices for schools and donators may be able to get a tax deduction. This is not a very long article, but it’s worth spreading the word around to your friends or even in Facebook and twitter for people who may want to contribute to this project.

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