Top 3 Education Articles of the Week | Health, Standards & Change

Here is a look at some of the top educational articles from this week’s news. From new foods and healthy educations to changes in standards and ways of teaching, these articles highlight some of the hot topics this week.

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Abernethy Elementary chef taking her lessons to White House – Nicole Hoffmann is helping Michelle Obama’s Chefs Move to Schools program. The program, aimed at fighting childhood obesity, will match chefs with schools to teach kids about nutrition in a fun way. Her own school uses homegrown vegetables and fruit to offer healthy alternatives of food choices to the students. They hope to spread the message of healthy eating and lifestyles to children all over the world.

New public school ‘core standards’: Which states might not sign on?  – New standards have been made in an effort to create common standards in math and reading. Not everyone is in favor of these revisions, due to challenges like teacher preparation and a revision of standardized tests to align them with new standards. Some states have already signed on but most are still waiting on more information and data to compare.

TLN Teacher Voices: Outrageous Student Engagement – This is a story about Stanley Pogrow, a professor who believes in introducing lessons in an unconventional manner to develop a stronger student-teacher relationship. He uses dramatic technique helps to maintain discipline. These “outrageous” lessons are discussed in his book which deals with reaching students with these unconventional ways of teaching.
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