Top 3 Education Articles of the Week | Google, Technology & Learning

Here is a look at the top educational articles that caught my attention this week. From educational sites and resources to real world uses of technology, these articles highlight some of the featured topics from this week.

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Google Sites Rock! – This blog post from Principal Eric Sheninger discusses how Google sites allow teachers to easily create and organize content, assignments, videos, and presentations for students. They act as an information portal to the classes and a way to develop engaging learning activities on particular topics. Google sites are also a great resource to use when delivering professional development.

Teaching in a socially networked classroom– Since social networking is such a huge part of our students’ lives, we should be incorporating it into the classroom. Both students and teachers can benefit from using such tools. Collaboration and communication can be made easier by using these technologies. Since technologies are here to stay, we might as well make the best of it and use it to our students’ advantage.

Technology helping bring the world into classroom in Hayden – This story is about students who used a SMART board and became more engaged and interested in learning. Since the SMART board is more hands-on and has activities available for the students, they found more enjoyment when using them to learn. This is a fun and educational way to bring technology into the classroom.

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