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Here are the top 3 articles of the week plus 2 bonus articles to keep you inspired.


Ed-Tech Agency – This article from eSchoolNews reports on the announcement by President Obama of a new agency as part of the Department of Education. The new agency would help schools bring ed-tech resources and funding in 2012 to implement 21st Century style education.

Home Page High School – Each student who is part of a program piloting new methods of digital learning, carries a laptop instead of textbooks at Hudson High School in NYC. This article outlines the project’s goals, development, and progress as well as view of educators and student participating in it.

Secure Your Facebook – After Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook page was hacked, they finally implemented a secure way of surfing Facebook. This article describes how to make the changes in your account and includes a short video as well.

Bonus Articles

And because I’m feeling generous today, I wanted to share two more bonus articles I thought were important and inspiring.

Solar Powered School in New Jersey – This article describes how an all-girl elementary school was able to obtain solar panels thanks to a 0% loan as part of the Clean Energy Solutions Capital Investment Program.

No Right Brain Left Behind – This is a new project to challenge creative innovators to come up with ideas to assist schools to update their education models to teach students to be more creative. A poll conducted amongst top CEOs explains that there is concern that students are not being taught to think outside the box. The project is sponsored by Social Media Week 2011 as well as other leading creative industry teams.

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