Top 3 Education Articles of the Week | e-Learning is Here To Stay

Educators, parents, students: not convinced that education is merging with technology? This week I came across three articles that may help you change your mind.


School district turns snow days into ‘e-days’ – No more snow days in Ohio! Students have the chance to “work from home” now with computer assignments for those days when they are “trapped” at home. The students without computer access, are given extra time to work on the homework. This is a great example of implementing technology and how virtual tools can enhance the current curriculum and activities that educators are using to aid the students’ learning experience.

Nursing students to use iPods for treatment and exams – UCLA Nursing school gave iPod Touches to their students entering the master’s program and junior undergraduates to use not only as a translating tool when seeing patients but also to run diagnostic tests and practice for their board exams. Another Nursing school using iPods is Ohio State medical school, whose students are studying images of organs and body parts that can be viewed in several angles. These are great examples of how your future students will be expected to use technology in college at possibly at the work place.

Colleges accept video essays to connect with students – Writing an essay may not be enough to get into college anymore. Several universities are now accepting, and possibly requiring a video essay as part of the college application. The idea is that interviews are necessary but with a video, the student is able to be revolutionary and show their real selves.  Educators and academic advisers in grades K to 12th will need to modify how they help student get into college and instead inspire their students to be innovative when applying to college.

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