Top 3 Education Articles of the Week | Dance, Tech & Distractions

Here are some of the informational and educational articles that caught my attention this week. These articles discuss the changes that schools are having with technology and its usage with their education. They talk about using the arts, specifically dance, in the classroom.  There is even evidence from research explaining how the constant use of technology may result in many children struggling when retaining attention on certain tasks.


Schools Integrate Dance Into Core Academics – More and more schools are integrating the arts, including dance, into the broader curriculum. It is an easy way to keep arts in the classroom.

Flip, Skype and iPad find everyday usage – More and more schools are integrating today’s technology into her classroom with the goal of expanding the learning experience. The Flip camera, Skype and the iPad have been some of the most popular forms of technology in the classroom. Students are becoming comfortable with these products and can use them for different purposes.

Growing Up Digital, Wired for Distraction – Computers and cell phones, and the constant stream of stimuli they offer, pose a new challenge to focusing and learning for students. Researchers say developing brains can become more easily habituated than adult brains to constantly switching tasks — and less able to sustain attention. Research also shows that students often juggle homework and entertainment.

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